Midnight Soldier Facial Oil

The Secret to Healthy Skin, Body, and Hair

We are starting this article with good news! You can use most face products anywhere on your body, except for your under eyes and private parts, and face oils are no different!
Did you know that you can use your face oil on your nails, blow-dried hair, natural curls, and body to nourish and lock in moisture? Amazing, right?
Face oils have a light texture; they are super moisturizing, yet fast absorbed. That’s why they can be convenient for different applications.


Oils can do wonders to your nail game. They are packed with emollients, nutrients, and have a moisturizing effect; all the reasons to grow healthy strong nails.
Applying oils to your nails have lots of benefits:
  • They can facilitate nail growth due to their rich nature and the nutrients they contain
  • Moisturizing the skin around nails automatically makes your nails and hand look much healthier.
  • Bye brittle nails, hello strong nails! Oils, like jojoba and pumpkin seed oil, promote cell regeneration resulting in stronger nails.
Apply a drop of the oil on the skin around your nail a rub it in gently. Do not rinse off.


Whether you prefer a voluminous blow-out or rock your natural hair, you need the gloss factor!
Oils act as a sealant on your strands, locking in hydration on the inside while looking glossy and healthy on the outside. That’s exactly why we love face oils.


Do you want that blinding light-reflecting, shiny skin all year long? Moisturize! That’s it!
Moisturized skin appears radiant with the much-needed healthy glow; dry oils can deliver those results almost instantly. Apply your favorite body cream and add the cherry on top by applying a drop of your face oil and watch the magic happen.
Lots of people who tried Midnight Soldier facial oil on different body parts absolutely loved the results!
That’s because it contains 6 miracle-working, fast-to-absorb oils including rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and pumpkin seed oil. The perfect nutrients combo is full of omega 3 & 6, zinc, selenium, magnesium, and carotenoids, along with vitamin E. What is there not to love?
Midnight Soldier Facial Oil Before and After
A drop of Midnight Soldier can work miracles.
Face: helps to massage your face more gently and softly with the exotic smell of rosehip. It also provides your skin with the essential minerals it needs for cell regeneration and collagen production.
Nails: Apply a drop of the oil on the skin around your nail a rub it in gently. Do not rinse.
Hair: Apply a drop of the oil onto the palm of your hand and apply it on the ends of your styled hair to lock in the moisture and add gloss and shine.
Body: Apply a drop on your body after applying your favorite body cream for an addictive glow.
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