Brand Story

Who is “NUT”?

In Egyptian mythology, Nut, pronounced as “newt”, was the goddess of the sky and the mother of all gods and goddesses ruling Earth. Her mission was to protect Earth from chaos. We, the founders, were inspired by NUT’s story to create NUT the earth-conscious brand.

NUT Botanicals believes that every skin is beautiful and deserves love no matter its condition. In NUT’s laboratory, we formulate products containing skin-friendly actives to target various skin conditions and repair the skin barrier while being light and suitable for sensitive skin. We commit to research for advanced ingredients and newest technologies to develop the best products for your skin.

NUT cares!

Tested, Cruelty-free

NUT strongly stands against testing on animals in any type or form. All of our products have been tested on and approved by 50 participants from both genders and all skin types including sensitive skin to develop the best products for your skin!

pH Balanced and Fragrance-free

All of our skin products are pH-balanced, and free from fragrance, essential oils, and irritants! They have been tested and proved their efficiency on irritated and sensitive skin .


At NUT Botanicals, we choose our ingredients and packaging materials carefully keeping the environment in mind, without compromising the products’ quality, efficiency, and performance; therefore, all of our products are free from phthalates, resorcinol, talc, formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing compounds, toluene, bisphenol A, non recyclable materials, and other ingredients that has been proven to harm the environment or irritate your skin.

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