Sulfates: The Good & The Bad

Sulfates are one of the infamous detergents in skincare and body care for their outstanding cleansing properties.

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They cleanse oils and dirt effectively; that's why they were used in almost every cleaning product on the market, like shower gels, facial washes, shampoos, and even household products. The problem is that they do their job a little too good for our skin and hair.

Sulfate as A Natural Detergent

Although they might seem synthetic, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is one of the oldest natural detergents in the cosmetic market. As we were just saying, the problem is they remove oils very effectively that they can dry out your skin from its natural oils. This can irritate your skin severely, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Sulfates Effect on Skin Barrier

A healthy intact skin barrier helps keep bacteria and irritants away from the skin while keeping in the hydration. The skin barrier is present on both your face and body.

When exposed to sulfates, the skin barrier becomes irritated and loses its natural oils which increases transepidermal water loss; this leads to dehydrated skin. It can also get infected in severe cases.

Healthier Alternatives

The cosmetic market has developed big time when it comes to surfactants. There are several sulfate-free products on the market nowadays that you can choose from.

Make sure to choose gentle sulfate-free facial and body washes.

Check this gentle facial wash with hyaluronic acid and body wash with aloe and panthenol.

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