Skin Secrets: How to Use ROSE WATER to Have Healthy Skin

Rose water has been a staple in beauty routines since ages. Many of us have been using it the wrong way, however; and not discovering its full potential. Here's the ultimate guide to use rose water on your skin and how to include it in your routine.

Roses have lots of beneficial components that exhibit excellent properties to enhance various skin conditions and slow down aging.

Rose water is a very potent ingredient and should always be used diluted using water or you can add a few drops of it in your favorite skincare products to have its amazing benefits.

Rosewater maintains high levels of hydration and add nourishment to the skin, as it's rich in minerals, vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as flavonoids and other antioxidants, which helps the skin look and feel younger and healthier. On top, rose water in known for being so gentle on the skin, which helps in soothing irritated sensitive skin and can aid in treating rosacea.

Lots of people use rose water as a toner which is very beneficial, except that they use it concentrated. While diluted rosewater even your skin tone, and help your face look and feel younger; concentrated rose water can aggravate the skin and cause skin problems. Always make sure to use the diluted rose water.

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