Skin Care Routine Essentials: Your must-have beauty products

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Whether you are a skincare products junkie who has a drawer full of products or a beginner who wishes to follow a routine but doesn’t know where to start, we’ve got your back!

Regardless of your skin type, here are the most basic, yet essential, skincare products you should include in your daily skincare routine:


A MUST-HAVE! The main culprit in skin damage is, sadly, the sun. Sun emits lots of different rays. Some are beneficial and some, unfortunately, harm our skin greatly. UVB rays penetrate our epidermis causing blemishes, wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines while UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin causing premature aging of the skin. Make sure to get a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater that fits your skin type.

How to use:

A pound-size amount would be the perfect amount to cover your face and neck. Make sure to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

Tip: If your sunscreen contains zinc oxide, make sure you apply it after putting on your moisturizer and serum as it acts as a physical block.

Facial Cleansers

While it may be obvious to some, water isn’t enough to cleanse your skin. Soaps aren’t the answer, either! Soaps are very harsh on your skin since They have a very high pH level because of their alkaline nature; opposing our skin’s natural pH which is slightly acidic. Soaps can be very drying on all skin types, including oily skin, and can harm the skin barrier greatly.

Choose a gentle soap-free cleanser to cleanse your skin twice a day, once you wake up and before your sleep.

Search for a cleanser that suits your skin type. Pay close attention to its ingredients and stay away from cleansers that contain sulfates, drying alcohols, and harsh ingredients that might irritate and dry out your skin.


Do you think moisturizers are designed for dry and normal skin only? Think again. Your skin needs moisture regardless of its type. Moisturizing your skin is a crucial step in your skin routine.

Our skin consists of 75% water. Water fills our skin making it supple and plumped. Moisture and hydration slow down the aging process and wrinkles formation, so make sure to moisturize your skin!

Apply a moisturizer that suits your skin whenever needed and stay away from that which contains mineral oils and paraffin since they clog the pores and they don’t wash off easily.


A lot of people think that exfoliating is an extra non-necessary step in their routine, although, it’s a very important one.

Our skin sheds naturally as a part of our skin-renewal process. You have to remove the old dead cells to allow the new ones to breathe and glow with the help of exfoliants.

Stay away from physical exfoliants since it scrapes your skin leading to its damage. Exfoliate your skin with chemical or enzymatic exfoliants once a week or according to the package instructions.

Eye Creams

The skin around your eyes is thinner, finer, and much more sensitive than your facial skin. It should be treated gently with mild products to hydrate it and keep it looking fresh and awake and wrinkle-free.

Stay away from heavily-scented products around your eyes and don’t use face products or heavy oils under your eyes! While you can use your eye products on your facial skin, you cannot apply facial products under your eyes.

Apply your eye cream once or twice a day and before wearing concealers to protect and hydrate them.

If you wanna be boujee and willing to spend some extra cash, here are some additional steps to up your skincare game:


Toners come after cleansing your skin to prep it for moisturizers. They help balance the pH level of your skin and hydrate it.

Stay away from alcohol-based toners since they tend to dry out the skin. Some toners are sprayable and others should be applied on a cotton pad and dapped gently onto your facial skin.


Serums serve lots of purposes. There are brightening serums, hydrating serums, repairing serums, anti-aging serums, etcetera. Make sure to choose a suitable serum for your skin type and condition. Serums are concentrated formulas that deeply penetrate your skin.

Serums should be applied at night for maximum results.

Facial Masks

There are lots of facial masks on the market:

Face Sheets

Moisturizing concentrated formula packed in a face sheet to deliver maximum benefits to your skin. The sheet masks trap the serum in your skin for better and faster absorption. You can use a facial sheet if you wanna pamper yourself, however, it’s not an essential step.

Clay Masks

Clay is an absorbent material that deeply penetrates your pores sucks in oil particles and dirt to clarify them, so basically, it’s a clarifying mask.

There are different types of clays with different purposes so make your research before you buy one. You can use it once a week as an extra step.

Healthy skin also comes from within, so make sure to stay hydrated and sleep well to help your skin renew and glow.

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