Say Goodbye to Your Under Eye Circles

Have you gotten used to having dark circles under your eyes? Pretty much, most of us have had our fair share of stress, irregular sleep, sleepless nights, and unstable life choices that have caused dark circles. But, do you think that these are the only causes of dark circles? Absolutely, not.

Causes of Dark Circles

Hyper Pigmentation: Might be a hereditary condition that makes the skin underneath your eyes produce more melanin than usual.

Blood Vessels Dilation: Sleep deprivation, spending your time staring at your laptop or cellphone daily, and smoking can dilate your blood vessels; making a blood pool in them which appear like dark circles.

Thinning of The Skin: Our skin loses its collagen and slows down its production as we get older, making the skin under our eyes extremely thin to the point that it shows the blood vessels underneath which causes dark circles.

Dehydration: Just like everywhere else on our facial skin, the skin under our eyes consists mainly of water and needs to be hydrated. Lack of hydration makes the area dull and dark.

Medication and Health Issues: Some health conditions like thyroid diseases and eye medications for glaucoma can actually cause dark circles.


There’s no easy quick fix to dark circles. Making healthy life choices, like quitting smoking, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep, would be a perfect practice to make your dark circles less noticeable.

Sleeping 7-9 hours daily will not only make your eyes look awake and fresh, but also will make your skin look young, your metabolism work better, and your organs function more efficiently.

Hydrating your skin is as important as getting enough sleep. Drinking 7-8 cups of water daily will help your skin stay plumped and wrinkle-free. Applying a hydrating product with hyaluronic acid topically on the skin under your eyes will make a tremendous difference.

Keep in mind that if the cause was hereditary or because of aging, you will need cosmetic help.

Some might go for the quick fix and inject hyaluronic gel under their eyes to thicken this area and cover up the blood vessels underneath, while others may choose to apply whitening products or even conceal it with makeup.

Product Recommendation

NUT Botanicals have got your back with a concentrated formula that does it all with over 90% natural ingredients! Introducing Golden Halo Eye Cream.

Infused with turmeric and licorice extracts that are known for their brightening power, caffeine to facilitate blood circulation, and hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, it’s considered the perfect ingredient combination to make your dark circles less dark and less noticeable. It’s formulated to have a goldish yellow color due to its high curcumin content, to help correct your dark circles. It can be used during the day, under your makeup, and before you sleep! It’s a very concentrated formula, so make sure to apply a very small amount on both eyes.

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