Facts vs. Myths: Facial Massage Benefits & Know-How

While being invented and practiced thousands of years ago, facial massage has been trending lately. It's like people have just discovered a forsaken ritual and have gone crazy over it! But is it worth the hype? Let's do our thing and discover the truth.

Facial Massage Facts

  1. Facial massage is proven to improve circulation in the skin which helps the skin look glowy and priming with youth and health.

  2. Facial massage helps in evenly distributing your products for maximum results.

  3. It facilitates product penetration through the skin, thus achieving maximum results.

  4. It helps in releasing tension by having some me time in a quiet space where you can pamper yourself.

Facial Massage Myths

Facial massage can redefine your face shape.

Nothing can alter your bone structure or redefine your facial features unless you go under the knife. Let's leave that here.

Facial massage can make wrinkles disappear

Wrinkles are permanent. Once you get them, there's no possible way to make them disappear unless you don't mind fillers and botox. Although, they can slow down their appearance.

Facial Massage can treat acne

Acne can appear due to different reasons, but lack of massage ain't one of them! Facial massage has nothing to do with acne. On the contrary, it might worsen your case if done wrong.

ًWondering how to massage your face? Watch this!

You can massage your face using your fingers and knuckles. Don't worry, you will master it by practice. You can also use Gua Sha or stone rollers. Massage your face 3 times a week for maximum results.

Make sure to massage your face after applying a facial oil/serum that fits your skin type and condition!

Our Midnight Soldier might be your perfect massaging assistant! It provides the perfect slip to massage your face smoothly with no friction. It's also packed with omega 3 & 6, vitamin

E, and powerful antioxidants that

  • improve cells regeneration and skin elasticity

  • regulate sebum production, locks in the moisture

  • encourage collagen production

  • protect your skin overnight

Do you massage your face? Share with us in the comments section below!

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