Dry Brush Routine You Need to Start Immediately!

The dry brush is a simple and practical body brush that offers you maximum relaxation, with its exfoliating medium-stiffness bristles that help get rid of strawberry skin, and stimulate blood circulation to leave your skin soft, smooth, and glowing.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

Deep Cleanse Your Skin

Having kind of stiff bristles, makes the dry brush a very useful tool to deeply cleanse your skin when used wet with a gentle sulfate-free and soap-free shower gel. It helps remove products' build up, dirt, oils, and dead skin off healthy skin all while showering.

Exfoliate Your Body

When used dry, the stiff bristles help remove dead skin after a few uses. It also helps to stimulate blood circulation which helps in delivering oxygen and nutrients to your cells and improving the appearance of cellulite as a result.

Preparing Your Skin

Exfoliating your body makes it easier for your skin to absorb body care products deep into your skin for maximum results.

We recommend dry brushing your body once or twice a week, if used dry.

You can also wash your body with it whenever you shower using a gentle shower gel.

Use a hydrating body lotion after dry brushing your body and finish up with a fast absorbing oil to lock everything into your skin.

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