Chemical-Free Cosmetics: Is There Such A Thing?

Lately, I've been spotting a lot of companies advertising for chemical-free hair-care and/or skincare EVERYWHERE, and honestly, it just doesn't make any sense if you think about it!

Is there really a thing called chemical-free cosmetics? Can anything ever be chemical-free? The short answer is no! There isn't and cannot be such a thing. But why is that?

What are chemicals?

According to any dictionary on the planet, chemical means either "something related to chemistry" or "something made out of a chemical reaction".

Everything in nature, including yourself, water, and air, is made out of chemicals.

So why companies tend to market their products as chemical-free? The answer is simply because they want to feed you lies that; chemicals can be dangerous for your health and can cause harm more than they benefit you and that, my friends, is totally wrong.

Does chemical-free equal natural products?

Natural cosmetics have been trending for a couple of years now. Some customers prefer them for not having any "chemicals" in their formulas, and that again is not true.

Even by some people's standards, that chemicals mean lab-made ingredients, natural products, in fact, have lab-modified ingredients!

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Ingredients to look for

Even if you despise chemicals and don't wanna go near any brand that uses lab-made or 100% synthetic ingredients, make sure that their products contain a preservative!

Preservatives are ingredients that preserve the formula and prevent the growth of micro-organisms.

The presence of micro-organisms like bacteria, yeast, and mold in your cosmetics and introducing them into your facial skin, and worse, your eyes, can infect your skin and cause severe damage and acne formation.

All water-containing formulas must be preserved! Stay away from cosmetics that don't include a preservation system.

Anhydrous formulas, such as face oils, doesn't need a preservative as it doesn't contain water which is a must for microbial growth.

Ingredients, not claims

Choose your products based on the ingredients they contain and based on your own needs and personalized routine that fits your skin. Don't buy a product that doesn't offer a complete full ingredient list!

The bottom line is; ingredients matter the most. Take your time to study each product's ingredients before you decide whether you should buy it or not depending on its ingredients and not its marketing claims.

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