5 Skincare Myths Busted

We are back with yet another article on the Facts vs. Myths series. Since there are too many skincare myths going around, we will dig them up for you so you don't have to.

Myth: Fragranced products are very harmful to the skin in general.

Facts: While fragrances can irritate sensitive skin, they cause no harmful effect to normal skin if applied in an acceptable percentage.

Be careful when using a natural product that states having no artificial fragrances. Check their ingredient list and search for essential oils, which can be very irritating if not handled carefully.

Myth: Cucumber treats puffy eyes.

Facts: Cucumber, itself, has little ability to treat puffiness; it's all about applying a cold object onto your puffy eyes.

The coldness helps blood vessels relax and hence reduces the appearance of puffy eyes. Next time, use cold cucumber slices to perfect the trick.

Myth: Exfoliation can cause severe irritation to sensitive skin.

Facts: You need to exfoliate your old dead skin to have healthy new skin. End of text. Having sensitive skin is no different; you might need to choose your products carefully, however. Use a gentle non-abrasive product, and stay away from physical exfoliants.

Myth: You only need chapstick to protect your lips.

Facts: Your lips need sun protection, just like the rest of your body!

Make sure to get a lip balm with a sun protection factor to use during the day. This will help your lips stay hydrated and protect them from darkening and become thinner. An SPF of 15-30 will be more than enough to protect your lips. Remember to re-apply every two hours.

Myth: Shaving your facial hair can make it thicker and grow faster.

Facts: Shaving has nothing to do with the thickness and growth rate of hair. When you shave, you remove the shaft of the hair, which has nothing to do with the hair thickness.

Hair growth rate and thickness generally depend on the hair follicle, which is not affected while shaving.

Make sure to shave using a newly sanitized blade each time you shave and moisturize your skin to avoid irritation. Go in slow steady movements in the same direction of your hair growth for a smoother skin feel.

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