5 Mistakes You Might Be Doing That Worsen Your Acne Condition

If you have experienced acne breakouts, you pretty much know the deed: dealing with acne can be very tricky. There are so many types with so many medication and treatment options that might get confusing.

Today, we discuss five skincare routine mistakes you might be doing that can worsen your acne condition without even realizing it.

Your Washing Habits

While washing your face is an easy-to-do step in your skin routine, it's a game-changer that can up or down your skin condition.

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Under-washing or not washing your face may lead to bacterial growth, build-up in your pores, and more breakouts. On the other hand, over-washing can dry out your skin, irritate, and damage your skin barrier. Both under and over-washing your face can worsen your acne condition.

Make sure to use a gentle hydrating cleanser no more than twice a day.

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Be Ware of Scrubs

Removing dead skin is an essential step in the journey to healthy skin, but removing it the right way is the key to not going overboard.

Physical Scrub

Physical scrubs can seriously damage your skin barrier. On top of that, they can injure your pimples resulting in spreading the infection leading to more breakouts.

Use a gentle exfoliant to get rid of your dead skin and give your skin a breather.

Think Before You Touch

Apply your treatments and leave your pimples alone. Popping and injuring your breakouts may lead to bacterial infection and more acne. Before touching your face, think about what you've touched and held throughout the day; do you want to introduce those microbes into your irritated skin?


High Glycemic Index Food

Your routine starts from the inside out. While you take your time to choose a facial wash or your favorite moisturizer, you should also care about what you introduce to your body internally.

Avoid food with a high glycemic index (GI) > 65-70 like most desserts, chips, and products high in carbohydrates in general.

A snack every once in a while won't harm you, though!

Know What You're Dealing With

Pimples and breakouts can appear because of many different factors. Are you sure that your breakouts or pimples are a result of acne? If yes, which type of acne do you have?

You should know the answer to the above questions to treat your breakouts properly.

Each type of acne can be treated differently and more easily when you know its type.

Don't hesitate to visit your dermatologist to know the reason behind your breakouts.

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