4 Beauty Trends You Don't Want to Follow in 2022

2021 was full of beauty trends on Tiktok and Instagram reels. These crazy trends and DIY's are supposed to make our lives easier, giving us some tricks and hacks. This isn't always the case, however. Some of these trends can actually cause skin complications like dermatitis, dehydrated skin, etc...

Here are 4 beauty trends you don't want to follow in 2022!

Over Exfoliation

Facial skin is delicate and needs to be treated gently. Exfoliating your skin several times a week won't do any good. It will only injure your skin and irritate it.

Using a Dermaroller at Home

Dermarollers comes in different sizes, each for a specific use. They should only be used in derma clinics by dermatologists. Using dermarollers at home can expose your skin to bacteria and skin infection.

Soapy Bushy Brows

Bushy brows trend has been going on strongly in 2021 but the viral DIY soapy brows can do more harm than good. It can dehydrate the skin around your brows causing dermatitis and bumps.

Micellar Water Application

Watched that viral tiktok when then apply their micellar water on a cotton pad and blow into it to "activate it"? Wrong on so many levels. A great way to introduce new bacteria to your skin.

Beauty trends need to be investigated, not followed religiously.

Share with us the beauty trends you will continue doing in 2022 in the comments section below.

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