3 Steps to Protect Your Skin from Chlorine

Summer equals beach fun, tanning, pool dips, and partying; all of these may have a huge impact on your health if you don't take your safety measures!

UV rays, saltwater, and chlorine are the culprits that cause dehydration and skin & hair damage.

Today, we're going to talk about chlorine, its impact on your skin barrier, and how to protect your skin against it.

Why is chlorine bad for your skin barrier?

While chlorine protects us from bacteria and, let's face it, pee in pools, it can cause skin and hair dryness and eye irritation if not added in the right amount.

It strips the skin and hair from its natural oils, which protect and moisturize them, leaving them damaged and dehydrated. Damaged and dehydrated skin may lead to premature aging and wrinkles appearance.

How to protect your skin?

1- Rinse the chlorine off of your face with a sulfate-free, gentle hydrating cleanser. This will help you get rid of chlorine and restore the lost hydration content.

2-Moisturize with face cream and body lotion after rinsing your face and body. This step will help lock in the gained hydration.

3-Apply your sunscreen if you're swimming in the morning to avoid sun damage.

Have any tips to avoid chlorine damage? Share it with us in the comments section below! Stay tuned for more tips on how to avoid summer damage!

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