3 Daily Habits That Cause Hair Loss & How to Avoid Them

Our daily habits can affect our hair and skin health either in a good or bad way. Even the slightest changes in your daily skincare and hair care routines can make a huge difference.

Today we are discussing three of the habits you might be doing that can cause hair thinning and loss.

Sleeping in a Ponytail

We were always taught to sleep in a ponytail to keep our hair tangle-free for the next morning. This tip can cause you traction alopecia, which is a hair condition caused by pulling your hair repeatedly and aggressively. Instead,

For straight/wavy hair: Wear your hair in a loose bun or braid to keep it tangle-free during your sleep without unnecessary pulling or tugging.

For curly/kinky hair: Wear a stain/silk hair bonnet at night to guard your curls all night long.

Brushing Your Hair a Lot

Whether it's heatless styling or over-heat styling, brushing your hair too often causes extreme pressure on your hair follicles, making it weak and easy to fall off. Sadly, some of the heatless styling methods include excessive hair brushing or tugging on the hair; it facilitates hair fall and thinning.

Curly heads will relate to this; brushing your dry hair is a big no-no. Curly hair tends to be super weak and susceptible to damage when dry.

For straight/wavy hair: Limit brushing your hair twice a day, once you wake up and before you sleep.

For curly/kinky hair: Only brush your hair while it's wet with conditioner/leave-in conditioner. This will protect your hair and leave it frizz-free.

Wearing Tight Hair Ties

Same as sleeping in a ponytail, wearing your hair in a tight hair tie has the same effect, especially on weak kids' hair. Nothing great comes from pulling and tugging on the hair; it will only bring you a receding hairline and hair loss.

While it may look chic, try to limit wearing your hair in a super tight ponytail, especially if you're wearing hair extensions.

Instead, try wearing your OG comfy scrunchies for a chic loose hairstyle. They are too soft and gentle on your hair to cause hair loss.

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