NUT Botanicals' Story

Who doesn’t want to make the world a better place? We do, and hopefully, you do, too! We are three sisters who have had a vision ever since childhood that we wanted to repay mother nature for all the amazing things she has done for us. 
Growing up, we were interested in the beauty industry. After trying a lot of products on the market, we realized that it has been commercial all along! Most products are full of filler ingredients that do nothing but harm our bodies and the environment equally. So naturally, we wanted to change that. 

From the beginning of history, Egypt has mastered the art of cosmetics and self-care. They built some of the oldest botanical gardens in history! They specifically loved roses, jasmine, water-lilies, and lotus. They used herbs and flowers to make beautiful colors, sensual perfumes, and pharmaceutical products.
Inspired by our ancestors and the ancient botanical gardens and caring for our mother nature, we created products packed with flowers, organic botanical oils, and clean, sustainable ingredients with no harmful, unnecessary chemicals.

At NUT Botanicals, all of our products are free from Parabens, artificial colorants, artificial fragrances, phenoxyethanol, SLS, SLES, liquid paraffin, paraffin oil, petrochemicals, bisphenol A, polyethylene glycols (PEG’s), phthalates, resorcinol, ethanolamines, mineral oils, aluminum salts, EDTA, and formaldehyde. We are sure that you have seen at least three of the formerly mentioned ingredients on the label of your everyday-products. Some of these ingredients are potential carcinogens, some can seriously clog your pores, and some are fillers that do absolutely nothing except for harming our planet by accumulating for centuries. So, we made it a point not to use those harmful ingredients. 

Our Philosophy: 

We want to spread awareness about recycling and upcycling, sustainable ingredients, and holistic self-care. We owe so much for the planet we live on and the least we could do is to care for it.

Why NUT Botanicals?

In Egyptian mythology, Nut was the goddess of the sky and the mother of all gods and goddesses ruling the earth. She protected Earth from chaos and darkness throughout her life and even after she died. Inspired by Nut, we want to carry on her duty to protect Earth. After all, it’s our forever home.